Beyonce isn’t a genius

By | December 17, 2013

The media (social and traditional) are losing their nut about the way that Beyonce revealed her latest album. People are calling it genius. But it isn’t genius. In fact, calling it genius just shows how conditioned we have become by the media and marketing.

Let’s look at exactly what she did.

  1. She created a new album.
  2. She didn’t brag about it to traditional media outlets, desperate to increase pre-order sales.
  3. She launched it via social media only.
  4. It worked.

Here’s why these four steps aren’t the work of genius.

  1. She created a new album, because she loves what she does and is exceptional at it.
  2. She didn’t brag because she doesn’t need to. She knows that she has a huge tribe of fans, and she wanted to do what amazing people who love their fans do – give them an amazing surprise. Hey, it’s christmas!
  3. She has eyes and a brain. For almost 8 years now the people with brains have been telling us that the world of media consumption has changed. But we, the fearful-of-change public, have not been listening. So, when someone does something smart – not genius – we lose our shit. Beyonce launched the album via social media because that is her direct route to her fansIt’s that simple. She loves her fans more than she loves the media attention. This isn’t genius marketing, it’s just marketing.
  4. It worked. It could have worked – and still will – for any artist. The smart one’s (still not geniuses) will also launch their next works of art direct to their fans on the social networks they use.

Sorry to any Beyonce fans who are offended by my words, but know this… Beyonce is not a genius. Beyonce is an amazing artist who loves what she does, and who loves her fans so much to know that this album is between her and her fans – not the media. She wanted to surprise them, and she wanted to see their reaction herself (as opposed to being muddled by some journalist looking to sell headlines and ad space).

The message for businesses: traditional media poisons (harsh? I think not) the direct relationship you can have with your customers/fans. It’s not genius, it’s human marketing.

We should all try it.