An important (renewable) energy we all control

Our Earth’s natural resources are slowly running out. But I’d argue that our most important natural resource can never run out (barring something like global nuclear war). You see I’d argue that our most precious renewable energy is ourselves. More specifically three forms of ourselves: our passion, our creativity, and our ideas. These three types […]

Introducing “Derby Business Backs Education”

What do the White House, the Eiffel Tower, and One Friar Gate Square all have in common? A: They would all be rubble if it wasn’t for their foundations. Derby is a city on the up, but we must be careful not to build too many stories, too soon, on top of shaky foundations. Our […]

The two types of CV: Hope and Motion

Backwards Hope This is the most common type of CV. It’s what I like to call a “backwards hope” CV: this is because it’s filled with past “achievements” that you hope will get you through the next door. You don’t really know (or possibly even care) where you’re going, you just hope that what you’ve […]